Weber County Convention

April 14, 2018 at Weber High School.
11:30 a.m. Registration, Booths, Meet with Candidates
1:00 p.m. Convention Begins

Delegate Lists

County Delegates

State Delegates

Click here for more information on how to rent a booth at the county convention (April 14th).

Convention Agenda

2018 Convention Rules

Convention Rules Interpretation

Candidate Opportunities

County Commission Debate April 10th Roy Library 5:30pm  – Contact Brent Odenwalder 801-985-1184 or

County Sheriff Debate April 11th County Commission Chambers 5:30pm – Contact Lynda Pipkin 801-686-8697 or  CLICK HERE to RSVP.

Candidate Information for Delegates

View your contact information HERE if your are a STATE CONVENTION Candidate or HERE if you are a COUNTY CONVENTION Candidate.  If you want to add/remove/change any of your information, please send details of the change to

Candidate Information

For 2018 the state party chair chose the QPP path for the party, so (according to 2014 SB54) there are 3 ways you can get your name on the Republican Party’s Primary Ballot. (Normally the SCC would make the decision of RPP or QPP, but the current chair improperly didn’t allow them to make the decision for this election cycle.)

According to 2014 SB54 here are your Candidate Options:

    • Going through the party’s caucus/convention system.  (The party’s preferred path.)
    • Gathering signatures from Republicans living within the district or county you are running in.
    • Both C/C and gathering signatures.

No matter which option you choose, you are required to fill out a platform support disclosure and file it with the party. Click here for the form if you are running for an office completely within the county boarders.  Email it to when you have completed it.  Click here for the form if you are running for an office that crosses county lines.

Note: The party does not sanction the signature path or the dual path, but it is currently law and we understand why candidates may choose the signature path.  The party’s preferred path is the caucus/convention system, so the party has changed its bylaws to give a little more incentive for candidates to choose the convention-only path.

Here are the Weber County Convention Rules for 2018.

Many candidates like to start out by talking to the delegates from the previous cycle.  You can find that list here.  If you are running through the county convention on April 14th, and you have fliers that you would like the precincts to have for caucus night, you can get it to the precinct chairs directly, or you can get it to one of the county or district officers.  We will be stuffing caucus packets on March 13th, so if you want your fliers included please get them to us before then.

Click here for more information about caucus night.

Candidate Forms

Candidate Guide
Candidate Disclosure Form