4/22/06 Nominating Convention Report

The following Weber County Republicans were nominated in convention today as Republican candidates for the November general election:

Utah House of Representatives
Leg 6: Kerry Gibson
Leg 7: Glen Donellson
Leg 8: Gage Froerer
Leg 9: Robert Miles
Leg 12: D. Greg Buxton

County Commission Seat “B”
Kenneth Bischoff

Alan McEwan

Ernest Rowley

Cheryl Madsen

Brad Slater

Nila Dayton

The following nominations will be subject to a June primary run-off:

Utah House – Leg. Dist. 10
Jonathan Aubrey
George Garwood

County Commission Seat “A”
L. Nate Pierce
Jan Zogmaister

The following nominations will be determined at the May 13, 2006 State Nominating Convention:

Senate District 18
David Thomas – Incumbent
Jon Greiner

House Leg. Dist 11
Brad Dee

Chairman Matt Bell informs us that per-ballot tallies will also be made available soon. We’ll post them here as soon as possible.

Update 4/23/06 8:54 p.m. MT: We have just now received the final runoff ballot tallies from Chairman Bell, and have uploaded them to the website for our readers’ review. Please click this link to view this information.

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