Candidate Financing

Our Legislative District 7 chair had an informal interview with House Rep Justin Fawson.  One of the things they discussed was how backward the financing is in Utah.  The lobbyists fund the candidates, then the party asks the candidates for help.  They discuss how we can help turn this around.

We often hear complaints about how lobbyists and special interest groups have too much pull with our legislators.  But it is the lobbyists and special interest groups who are there to fund our politicians and they are also the ones who are giving the most input to our legislators.  If we want to change that and give the power back to the grassroots and to the party, then we need to somehow step up and give more of our time, money, and input to our candidates.

Our party would like to do more fundraising, so we can support our liberty-minded candidates better.  We hope that our grassroots Republicans will also step up and donate a little time or a little money to help with this effort.  There are also other ways to help our candidates.  Watch the video for more ideas on how we can help.   Many hands makes light work.

One simple way that you can help right now is to participate in our Pizza Pie Cafe fundraiser between July 3rd-July 17th.   Or you can buy an ad on our website or newsletter.