County Chairman Duties

This is what it says in our bylaws:

The Party Chairperson shall be Chief Administrative Officer of the Party.
a. He or she shall serve as chairman of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Central Committee, and as ex officio member of appointed sub-committees in the contemplation and transaction of party business.
b. He or she shall carry out the policies determined by said committees, and may vote at any of the said committee meetings to break a tie.
c. He or she shall perform the duties imposed by these bylaws and as may be assigned by the Executive Committee or Central Committee.

To be a little more specific, here are a few things that the chairman normally does:

  • Organize and chair a monthly executive committee meeting
  • Organize and chair at least one county central committee meeting annually
  • Organize and chair one county convention annually
  • Attend state central committee meetings which are held at least 4 times per year
  • Attend county chair meetings held an hour before each state central committee meeting
  • Make sure precinct officers are adequately trained to run their caucus
  • Make sure caucuses run as smoothly as possible
  • Oversee data input after caucuses
  • Organize fundraisers—like our annual Lincoln Day Dinner
  • Be the contact person for all kinds of party related issues

The term for chairman is approximately 2 years. They are elected in the odd year organizing convention and remain in office until the next organizing convention.