Delegate Questions about Federal Reserve

Several of us who are state delegates have some questions about your stand with the Federal Reserve.
1. Do you support our Federal Reserve System?
2. Do you oppose our Federal Reserve System?
3. Would you vote against or for a full audit of the Federal Reserve, such as was proposed by Ron Paul and is being proposed by Senator Rand Paul?

Answers from Sam Parker:
1. No, I do not. It’s a massive, overbearing cartel that debases the currency and ruins the economy.
2. Yes, I just said that in #1.
3. FOR a full audit of the Fed, absolutely. I want to add my voice to those who are calling for that. I guarantee we’ll find skeletons, and then that will lead to more and greater reform measures.

Answers from Larry Meyers:
I oppose it and support an audit.

Answers from Tim Jiminez:
Before we move forward on restructuring our financial system we must have a clear understanding of what has been done. We must have a full audit of the Fed to know where our money is and who owns our debt. We must also hold individuals accountable for what they have done with our money.
I fully support a complete audit of the Fed.

Answers from Loy Brunson:

The Federal Reserve System is this country’s core problem. A full audit is necessary and then we need to make it truly Federal or dismantle it and then we need to acquire all the stolen assets and money from those recipients of all profits obtained from the unlimited access to money created by the system and the many central banks unlawfully receiving money associated with the system.