Delegate Replacement

Delegate replacement guidelines:

If you are a state or county delegate and you are unable to attend the convention:

  • Notify your precinct chair as soon as possible
  • Tell them you are unable to attend the convention (state or county)
  • Resign your delegate seat
  • The precinct chair will appoint a replacement

If you are a precinct chair and any of your state or county delegates have moved, passed away, resigned, or have been disqualified (no longer a registered Republican, etc.):

  • Appoint another registered Republican in your precinct who agrees to attend (preferably one of your alternates)
  • Send the replacement’s name and contact information, as well as the delegate’s name they are replacing, to
  • Do this as soon as possible, so we can make the changes before the 7 day deadline!
  • County delegate replacement deadline for reporting to the county party secretary is 12:59 pm on April 7th.

Note:  Once the delegate has resigned and the new delegate appointed, the new delegate will also be the delegate for the organizing convention the next year.  It does not revert back to the original delegate who resigned.

Weber County Bylaws:

If an elected delegate dies, resigns, or is disqualified prior to the convention, the County Party precinct chair shall appoint a replacement from the precinct of the deceased or disqualified delegate. If the replacement is for a county delegate, approval must occur at least 7 days prior to the convention.