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Keep My Voice* (KMV) is a non-partisan, non-profit group that advocates for Utah’s caucus-convention election system.

*Keep My Voice is a registered political issues and action committee with the state of Utah.

KMV was launched in 2013 by local Utah citizens concerned with protecting voters’ constitutional rights abridged by Count My Vote’s flawed initiative to eliminate the caucus system and the subsequent unconstitutional State Senate Bill 54 passed as a compromise.

Through the caucus system all candidates are scrutinized and evaluated by delegates over several weeks. This provides a vetting process for selection. It also allows anyone to run for office regardless of their social or economic status.

KMV mission is to educate Utah voters on these values while strengthening and improving the process.

If you believe in giving every neighborhood a representative voice, get involved in the process of gathering signatures to get KMV on the ballot this election cycle by:

Utah is one of the best-managed states in the Union thanks to this proven process that keeps elected leaders accountable and close to the people. Let’s keep it that way…

There will be a KMV coordinator at each Caucus to introduce the initiative and collect signatures

KEEP MY VOICE – Read the Initiative at:

KEEP MY VOICE – Frequently Asked Questions

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