More Amendment Disputes – Updated

In the preceding article, we invited comments about proposed 2006 Utah Republican State Conventon amendments and resolutions, pending for Saturday’s state convention.

There have already been some cordial comments and discussion about one proposed resolution there. Its sponsor, Grant Misbach, even offered his views on his own resolution.

Another of our our Republican activists sent us a web addy over the weekend which responds to the same invitation, and now deserves a whole new article, we think.

The subject is a proposed State Party constitutional amendment, which these opponents assert would forever diminish the power of neighborhood Republicans at the grass-roots level.

Here’s the link. Please read up. And be sure to click on the explanatory adobe file which is embedded on the home page of this extremely well-designed website.

Weber County Republicans should look VERY closely at this issue, we believe.

Of all the counties in Utah, Weber County is demonstrably the most grass-roots-oriented. We’re the only county, so far as we know, which elects all State Delegates at the fundamental voter precinct level. We catch a lot of un-necessary flack about that nuance. Top-down politics appears though, not to be in our Weber County blood.

Weber County State delegates should go to the linked site, read up and — we hope — offer their comments about this, if they please.

So what say you all about this?

Update 5/12/06 11:44 a.m. MT: Although this article has been on display for a number of days, we have yet to hear from anyone arguing in favor of this proposed amendment. In the interest of presenting a balanced perspective on this issue, we are thus linking today’s Standard-Examiner guest op-ed piece, which sets forth the proponents’ case regarding this matter.

Your reader comments are invited, as always.

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