Proposed Republican Party Constitutional Amendments – Updated

As we approach the May 13, 2006 State nominating convention, we thought it might be useful, for the sake of our Weber County-elected State Delegates, to evaluate and examine some of the party business that is proposed to be conducted there. In that connection, we are linking a page from the State Party website.

For starters, here is a summary of the State Republican Party Constitutional Amendments that have been proposed for deliberation and approval by the May 13, 2006 State Nominating Convention body:

Proposed Amendments

The State Party has not yet posted any proposed resolutions on their site; nor have they posted their proposed agenda or convention rules. Presumably, these matters will be imminently forthcoming from the State Party.

In the meantime, questions or comments about proposed party constitution provisions that are subject to amendment will be entertained here.

Don’t let the cat get your tongues. Let’s hear your questions and comments about the currently-proposed State Party constitutional amendments.

Update 5/2/06 5:23 p.m. MT: The state website has been updated today. Web savvy State Delegates should go to the 2006 State Convention link, and then check out the left sidebar.

When you’re through reading, close the state party site webpage, and return here to offer your comments, if you like.

And what say you about all this?

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