Delegate Questions to US Candidates

This was shared by some local state delegates:

Several of us who are state delegates have some questions about your stand on the Patriot Act, FISA courts, and the NSA metadata collection and storage.

1.Would you vote for or against the Patriot Act?

2. Do you support the metadata collection which is currently being done?

3. What is your view of the secret FISA courts?

4. Would you vote for or against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) with the indefinite detention clause included in it?  See attached

5. How do these acts and actions fit with the 4th amendment?


Answers from Larry Meyers:

Thanks for these important questions.

I oppose the Patriot Act and would vote to repeal it.

I do not support the metadata collection by the government without probable cause and a warrant.

I don’t support the FISA Courts and I support Sen. Rand Paul’s efforts to reform them.

I oppose the NDAA with its allowance of indefinite detention. Detention without a trial clearly violates the Constitution.

All these are violations of the Fourth Amendment, which requires probable cause and a warrant for searches and seizures.

As your Senator, I will work to end these programs and actions.


Answers from Sam Parker:

1. I would strip the Patriot Act of the things that allow for the infringement/violation of our constitutional rights. If stripping is not possible, I would vote against it.
2. I do not support the metadata collection. That’s too much power and our deep state has demonstrated it cannot be trusted with it.
3. They are nothing more than a rubber stamp. They’re a fraud. They do nothing to protect our rights–especially our 4th amendment rights.
4. I would strip the indefinite detention clause.
5. They are clear violations of the letter and spirit of the 4th amendment, as is the TSA and its airport searches.


Answers from Tim Jiminez:

My platform on my website describes my disagreement with FISA Courts, Civil Asset Forfeiture, NSA recording electronic communications, and the use of Stingrays.  I was furious that congress and President Bush signed off on the Patriot Act.  All US citizens have 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendment Rights.  It is clear that the NDAA violates these God given or natural rights.
Answers from Loy Brunsen:

Patriot Act? Unconstitutional. I believe our civic/constitutional ignorance over the past many decades has enabled the corruption to grow to an almost irreversible level in many more areas than even the most conservative activists realize.

A vote for me is a vote for Senator Mike Lee. I would simply energize and double Senator Lee’s voting power by voting with him and supporting him on every issue/bill. I would focus on encouraging other members of Congress to do the same. I would also help raise urgently needed awareness regarding constitutional crisis issues and The Federal Reserve System not returning all principle and interest to the treasury over and above their operating expenses.

Here’s a video link that you may find helpful, of me answering some questions at recent debates.

Thank you for reaching out to me and others.

Loy Brunson

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