Thinking About Running for Office?

Are you thinking about running for office, but need a little more information about how to proceed?

We have compiled some information to help you understand your options.  We also have a meet-the-candidate event scheduled for March 26th for all candidates going through either the county convention or the state convention.  We usually get very good delegate participation at these events and there is no cost to the delegates or the candidates.

If you would like to purchase a booth at our county convention or even our central committee meeting, you can also find that information.  And more…

Click here to access that information so you can be prepared to run, know how to be included in meet the candidate events, how to reserve a convention booth, etc.  Thank you for participating in the election process.

2018 County Convention Elections:

County Commission Seat “A”
County Commission Seat “B”
County Sheriff
County Attorney
County Clerk/Auditor
Utah House District 7
Utah House District 8
Utah House District 9
Utah House District 10

2018 State Convention Elections:

US Senate
US Congressional District 1
Utah Senate District 18
Utah House District 11
Utah House District 12
Utah House District 29