State Delegate,

We have heard that the state chair will not be having the secretary mail out the call to convention.  We hope this is not true, they have always mailed the call to convention.  However in the event that it is true, you can CLICK HERE to read the call to the state convention.

Utah GOP State Convention
Maverik Center (fka The E Center)
3200 Decker Lake Dr
West Valley City
7:00am Credentialing/Registration/Booths
11:00am Convention Convenes

The state convention will start at 11:00am, but you should be able to check-in as early as 7:00am.  If your are in Senate District 18, House District 11, 12, and 29, you will have an early breakout session with your district, although you will not have an election.

Early Breakout Sessions

HD11 8:10 in the Salt Lake Room
HD12 8:40 in the Sarajevo Room
SD18 8:55 in the Nagano Room
HD29 (Sometime after 11am, during the CD3 race) in the Salt Lake Room

We have heard that the venue that has been chosen for the state convention charges $10 for parking, so bring $10 with you or carpool and split the costs.   CLICK HERE to find/contact other state delegates from Weber County.

Tips:  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.  Bring aspirin or other medications if you are prone to headaches, pain, etc.  Get a good nights sleep and prepare for a long day.  Arrive early to park and get checked in.  Remember to bring your driver license.  We highly suggest you bring a seat cushion for comfort. (The seats are hard plastic stadium seats.)

Read through the proposals and try to understand what they do.  It looks like this year the chair didn’t allow the Constitution & Bylaws Committee to do the job they have historically done according to our party’s governing documents.  Instead all of these documents will be sent to the convention in raw format, even if they conflict with other parts of our governing documents.

If you haven’t been able to speak to all of the candidates, you can find their contact information HERE.

You can watch a video of the US Senate debate HERE.

If you have not been receiving emails from the party, check your spam folder or your “other” folder.  Or do a search in your email for “” and if you still can’t find it, send an email to and let Sharlene know that you are a delegate and you have not been receiving emails.

If you have any other questions, send your questions to

The time between caucus and convention gets shorter and shorter, and delegates really have to be dedicated to their jobs.  Thank you for your service to our community!