The State Nominating Convention Stands Adjourned

Today’s Republican State Convention results are already trickling in.

12:17 p.m.: This mid-day report is from the Salt Lake Tribune. (Sorry folks… the SLTrib has already pulled this story. The local gist of it: Neither incumbent Sen. Dave Thomas nor Ogden top-cop challenger Jon Greiner were able to pull over 60% of the delegate votes. They will thus move on to a June Primary run-off.)

3:35 p.m.: This is straight from the GOP convention counting room: The proposed delegate reallocation Article XII constitutional amendment mentioned and discussed in the previous article went down in flames today, 1778-1148 (59%-41%.) Grass-roots political activist from across the state will rightly declare this a victory. The next question, of course: what will be done about the several county parties who have been already operating in violation of the standing constitutional requirement that ALL delegates be elected in the precincts?

5/14/06 7:27 a.m.: We are linking this morning’s convention news stories from Utah’s four major newspapers here:

Deseret News: Cannon forced into a primary
Daily Herald: Cannon, Jacob in Republican runoff
Salt Lake Tribune:Jacob edges Cannon to force runoff
Standard-Examiner:GOP foes face primary

5/14/06 9:11 a.m.: The State Party site is not yet updated, so we are unable to link to the official results. We will monitor the Utah Party site and provide that link when it is available.

5/15/06 8:31 p.m.: The Weber County Clerk’s website was updated today, providing current and official information on the results of Saturday’s convention. For a complete listing of the Weber County candidates who survived the conventions, please click this link.

And what about it, State Delegates and other convention attendees? We invite you to share your experiences and observations. What were the high and low points of yesterday’s convention? Fill us in on what worked; and what didn’t. All-in-all, was the state convention a positive or negative experience for you?

Please don’t let the cat get your tongues.

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